Al Ries and Laura Ries

Эл Райс (Al Ries) и Лаура Райс (Laura Ries) jack_trout3 Al Ries is the originator of strategic marketing, the “father” of the basic concept of positioning. He is the first author of the world’s most renowned books on strategy that he wrote together with Jack Trout. Among them are Positioning: The Battle for your mind, Marketing warfare, Bottom-up marketing, Horse sense and 22 immutable laws of marketing.” For decades, these books have headed the world’s top lists of business bestsellers. In 2009, the readers of Advertising Age, the leading American marketing publication, selected Positioning: The battle for your mind as the best book they have ever read on marketing.

While Jack Trout chose to stay in the advertising-oriented “positioning” framework, Al Ries with his daughter, successor and partner - Laura Ries - moved on to make major breakthroughs in marketing and branding. In 1994, they launched a consulting operation specializing in the practical application of building brands in the minds of prospects. In addition, they wrote a number of books that became business bestsellers including: 22 immutable laws of branding, 11 immutable laws of internet branding, The fall of advertising and the rise of PR, The origin of brands and War in the boardroom.

In 1996, Al Ries published his famous book Focus, which radically changed the discipline of marketing. His principles are helping companies generate many profitable brands in many different categories.

In 2012, Laura Ries published Visual hammer, a breakthrough idea that is likely to become as famous as "positioning" ever was.

Positioning is a totally verbal concept. But with the Internet and social media, the world has become awash in words. The best way into the mind today is not with words at all. It's with a visual.

Despite their disputes, branding specialists all over the world agree upon one thing: the best “selling ideas” (specific, memorable and thus resembling a sharp nail) were simply getting lost in the ocean of advertising noise that overwhelmed today’s world.

Over the years of her consulting practice, Laura Ries researched novel ways to convey positioning – the “selling idea” – to prospects. How can one cut through the advertising noise to get into the mind of the target audience?

With Laura's revolutionary discovery of the "visual hammer," branding progressed to a new level of clarity and definiteness. What is a visual hammer? It's a visual symbol that unambiguously communicates the “selling idea.” In other words, the visual “hammers” a verbal nail into the mind of prospects.

Laura Ries' digital book entitled “Visual hammer” has hundreds of real life examples to support the "hammer and nail" idea that takes positioning to a new level.

Since 1994, the Ries&Ries consultancy headed by Al and Laura Ries has developed into an international operation. It continues to grow by partnering with strategic marketing and branding specialists who work under the Ries&Ries name, using the “nail and hammer” system all over the world.

Below is a list of clients that regularly come to the legendary branding consultants for “verbal nails” and "visual hammers” for their multitude of brands.

In Russia the affiliate of Ries&Ries is located in Moscow and named the “Ries and Lukianova” marketing agency. It is headed by Ries&Ries Russian partner Tanya Lukianova.