Develop a profitable brand


“Mapping of the mind” market analysis


  1. Identification of the existing need;
  2. Identification of brands anchored in the mind as means to satisfy the need (competitors).

The ground is built to create the “Nail” – the “selling idea” of the brand.


“Nail” - the selling idea

  1. Provides the answer to the question: “Why my prospects will buy from me, but NOT from my competition?”;
  2. Means 1 (one) simple idea;
  3. May be visualized.

«Visual Hammer» - the visual symbol that unambiguously communicates the “selling idea” to prospects.

deliver the “selling idea” to the mind of prospects thru the surrounding advertising noise.

The emotional power of the “right” visual symbol will “hammer” the Nail deep into the prospects’ mind for a long time to come. That is why the “Nail and Hammer” system, once the Nail is in place, ensures demand for the brand even without advertising.

Other aspects of the brand

Other aspects of the brand include features and characteristics of the product, pricing policy, packaging, distribution channels, merchandizing, the audio symbol, advertising and POS materials, the look of the company’s sales people and anything else related to the perception of the brand by prospects. All this may be applied to B2B sales except merchandizing.

Under the «Ries&Ries» system all aspects of the brand must be harmonized with the “Nail and Hammer” pair.

Brand-building program in the marketplace

Brand-building program in the marketplace should comprise the following aspects:

  1. Marketing in advertising. Goal: despite the surrounding advertising noise, drive the selling idea - «Nail» - in the prospect’s mind with the Visual Hammer.
  2. Trade-marketing. Goal: ensure product availability at points of sale.
  3. Marketing in sales. Goal: turn prospects into customers. Ensure customer loyalty and repeated orders.